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Re(al) Treats 

Transformational destination retreats . . . a metasensory journey through Mother Africa’s nurturing embrace to find your own bliss and intrinsic mystique

... and with the manifestation of three dreamers’ enchantment, Real Food gives birth to Re(al) Treats! The experiential translation of a vision to redefine the purpose of retreats as we know them. A metamorphic journey that transcends their conventional meaning of plainfully finding passive contentment in the heightened parasympathetic self through becoming a product of mindful rest and relaxation. Re(al) Treats becomes an intimate place nurtured to enliven the five human senses, recalibrate through the five natural elements, and rediscover new birth of inner vitality. Live creatively... live in enchantment!

Discovering the secret ingredient to the happiness recipe

Bliss is the nature of the true self. And a Re(al) Treat soulfully feeds the happiness state - treating the self with all things nice! An intricately designed metasensory experience reawakens touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing as channels to reopen the heart to the little forgotten pleasures. A mystical beauty remains in the unique makeup of each individual’s literal composition. Earth, fire, ether, water, air. An awareness of the self begins to take on a mindful redefinition through an experiential understanding of the five elemental code. The nonreplicable DNA of the soul reveals itself as acceptance is embraced. A Re(al) Treat to ultimately find your own unique recipe to living life in your own blissful flow!

Rebirth through Mother Africa’s embrace

Let go of the adult self and surrender to the nurturing embrace of Mother Africa. Open to the wisdom of nature’s intelligence. The roaring powers of the Victoria Falls, the transparency of sapphire skies during the day to the spirit warming hues of magnified sunsets. The life in the oasis of vegetation. The energy transmittance through the untouched rawness of the wilderness. The harmony in the cycle of life.

Instill in luxury

Nestle in the tranquillity of luxurious solitude. Undefined by geographical location - somewhere in the Kaza Region. Re(al) Treats destination resorts instill a sense of holistic serenity. Treat the self and allow it to live in a utopia of limitless joy inducing, healing properties.

Love your food – Let it love you

See the REALness in food. See the authenticity in its nutritional gift from the earth. See its vita-potent goodness. Fall in love with colour on a plate. Real Food designs a culinary experience that entices the palette with the magic of pure taste. A creative blend of home grown fruits, vegetables, roots, grains, herbs and spices that satisfy the entire spectrum of nutritional necessities.

Let go of the calorie counting myth and become aware of Real Counts. The Artisty of Pranic Eating is introduced where the trending concept of clean, mindful, healthy eating is surpassed with a new ideal. In basic terms... LOVE your food – Let it LOVE you!

Live through metasensory activies

  • Metastyle Meditation

  • The Art of Breath

  • Yin & Yang Yoga

  • PH Balancing

  • A Treat for the Tissues . . . Massage, Reflexology, Facials

  • “Real” Cooking

  • Sacred Eating

  • African Safaris

  • Walks Through the Victoria Falls

  • Nighttime Winddowns

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